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Suicide Prevention Resources For Clergy

Resources for Clergy
The Role of Faith Communities in Preventing Suicide: A Report of an Interfaith Suicide Prevention Dialogue (2009)
Pathways to Promise—Ministry and Mental Illness
“After a Suicide: Recommendations for Religious Services and other Public Memorial Observances”
Mental Health Ministry Resources

Clark, D.C., Ed., (1993). Clergy Response to Suicidal Person &Their Family Members: An Interfaith Resource Book for Clergy and Congregations. Chicago: Exploration Press.

Ritter, W., (2004). Take the dimness of my soul away: healing after a loved one’s suicide.
Harrisburg: Morehouse Publishing.

Clemons, J., (1990).  What Does the Bible Say About Suicide. Nashville: Parthenon Press.

Training and Events
Virginia Department of Health/Suicide Prevention      www.preventsuicideva.org
Virginia Suicide Prevention Coalition                         www.vaspc.blogspot.com      
Central Shenandoah Youth Suicide Prevention           www.preventsuicidecsv.org

Emergency Services
(Harrisonburg/Rockingham County, Virginia)
Harrisonburg/Rockingham Community Services Board Emergency Services (24-hour):  434-1766
Rockingham Memorial Hospital:  433-4100
Chief Magistrate, Monica Martin:  564-3847
911- Police and rescue services

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

General Information
American Association of Suicidology                            
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention        
Nat. Org. of People of Color Against Suicide       
Suicide Prevention Resource Center                    

Virginia ASIST Trainings
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Mental Illness: What a Difference a Friend Makes.

State and National Resources

Training Options: Educational Resources

What’s Happening in Virginia?  Visit The Virginia Suicide Prevention Coalition Site

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