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 Suicide is a serious public health problem. Each year, in the United
States, about 32,000 people die by suicide. (That's almost twice as many
deaths as by homicide.) The number of suicide attempts is much greater.
Most people know someone who has been directly affected by suicide in
some way.

 Experts believe most people who consider suicide desperately want to
live, but for a time are unable to see alternatives to problems. Most
people want a better life.

 Suicidal crises tend to be brief. When the risk is detected early and
people get the help they need, lives are saved. People who get help
when then need it tend not to become suicidal again.

 Most people who consider suicide let others know in some way. By
learning how to recognize and respond to warning signs, we can help
people to stay safe.

 Talking about suicide does not increase the risk. Find out more about
how to talk with someone who is thinking of suicide.

 Suicide is almost always associated with some form of illness, most often

 Depression is an illness that requires a combination of treatments, just
like diabetes.

 People who abuse drugs or alcohol are sometimes “self-medicating” for

 DEPRESSION is a TREATABLE ILLNESS. People who get, and stick
with, good treatment usually get better.

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